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Even though I had to drive an hour each way to see them, I would drive 5 hours each way because the results have been amazing! Since I have been coming here all of my symptoms have gone away, I haven’t had to take any pain pills or muscle relaxers, I am able to sleep and use my arm as I please. I was able to avoid surgery and I have even started to play ball with my boys again.


I sought out chiropractic care in my third trimester, specifically a Webster certified chiropractor,  because I was told my baby was in the breech position and I would have to have a scheduled c-section. I wanted to have a natural birth and chiropractic allowed me to do that!  With just a few adjustments to my pelvis my baby was able to reposition herself for a smoothe delivery.


I thought chiropractic was some sort of voodoo magic initially, but when I was explained exactly how everything in chiropractic correlates to my body, thats when I truly understood the benefits of it. They have not only had significant impact (positively!) on my physical health but also my emotional health!


I had chronic shoulder, wrist, low back pain and arthritis for years. Chiropractic has helped reduce my pain and discomfort and increase my mobility. It is great and much better than over medicating as you age.


After the first two to three adjustments my lower back pain and sciatica was almost completely gone and my neck pain was near gone. I no longer needed my uneven shoe soles at this time either as my legs were balanced. Trust your doc and follow their recommendations if you truly want to feel and be better.

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